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Queue 2m apart while waiting to be checked in⁣

Maximum group size of one household of six + no mingling⁣

Everyone must sign into our Test & Trace register on entry⁣

When you are not sat at your table, wear a fucking face covering⁣

Always maintain a social distance of 2m⁣

Table service only, using our ordering app OnTapp

Last orders taken at 9.30pm + you must have left by 10pm⁣

Wash your hands at least as often as you say "literally"⁣



We have done our best to answer all the typical questions we are expecting below. If you have further questions, you can drop us a message on our Facebook page and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we're able with our skeleton crew. All answers below were correct at the time of publishing.

Please note that we are updating our guidance as and when the government update theirs, so keep an eye on our socials for the latest details. x



How do I make a booking?
Choose to book a single-household table for our bar + patio or for one of our events using the links above, and make a booking for the amount of people you need at the time you require. Please note that bookings guarantee you a table for a minimum of two hours.

What are the age restrictions?
We are welcoming anyone aged 18 or over - we will be operating a challenge 25 policy, so please bring I.D. If you do not bring valid government-issued I.D. you may be refused entry.

Can I just turn up without a booking if you have available tables?
We are now accepting walk-ins, subject to table availability.

What size tables are available?
We currently have our tables set up to seat between two and six people within current government guidelines.

Can I book multiple tables?
You are currently unable to book more than one table. As government guidance updates, we may look to add multiple table bookings as a booking option.

How long does my booking allow me to be at my table?
Each session allows you a minimum of two hours at your table, and you will be able to stay longer if there is not a booking following yours. Event bookings last for the entire event.

What is your capacity at the moment?
Currently we have 12 tables with screens in the bar, 10 tables on our patio and 18 tables in our venue.

Is there a minimum spend for each table?
Advance bookings are charged a £10 deposit, which you will get back as a voucher to use on our ordering app.

What happens if you have to close?
If we are forced to close due to increased government restrictions or any further unforeseen circumstances, we will arrange refunds.

Can I amend or cancel my booking?
Bar + patio bookings can be amended or refunded up to 48 hours in advance - after this, they are non-refundable. All event bookings are non-refundable.

What is the entertainment?
Check our event listings on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

Can I bring my pet goat?
No pets, sorry. Go to the park or something.


What happens on our arrival?
Our staff will greet you on arrival at your booking time and get your booking checked off. Everyone in your group will be asked to complete the test and trace register and then asked to use your own face coverings, sanitise your hands and have your temperature checked before entry. You will then be guided to your table and given a quick run down of our policies and any help with our ordering app.

What if our whole party or one person from it is late for our booking?
If your whole party arrive late for your booking, we will do our best to get you seated promptly, however you may be asked to wait to ensure we can stagger entry times - those arriving on time will have priority. If you are really late, you may lose your booking without refund. We ask that your party arrive at the same time so that you are seated together at once to avoid lots of unnecessary moving around.

How does table service work?
We use the OnTapp app for ordering drinks - you will be able to use any voucher code that came with an advance booking on the app to purchase refreshments and they will be brought to your table. You will need a smartphone with Android or iOS to use the app, and staff in PPE will also be on hand to assist if required.

How do I order drinks and pay?
Our app is simple to use and all drinks can be ordered on there without coming into contact with our staff until they bring you your refreshing pints.

Do you have charging facilities for my smartphone?
We do not currently have charging facilities at the venue, so please ensure your mobile is fully charged on arrival.

What drinks are available to buy?
We specialise in cold, fresh pints alongside a solid but slightly slimmed down selection of our trademark cocktails and craft beers, wines and spirits. We have also added our famous teapot shots!

How much are drinks?
Drinks are priced at a typical level for city centre bar, with decent pints and craft beers under or around the £5 mark, with some great £10 multibuy offers that are perfect to use with your voucher.

How are my drinks made and served?
Drink orders are put together by staff in PPE and then brought to your table on a tray. All service areas and trays are then cleaned after use. Pints and cocktails will be served in thoroughly cleaned glassware or disposable plastic cups and packaged drinks will be served sealed.

Are you selling food?
We are not currently serving food.

Is there a smoking area?
You are able to smoke at any of our patio tables. If you have a table booked in the bar or venue, you are able to leave your table to smoke in our designated smoking area at the foot of the patio, subject to capacity.


What are your cleaning procedures?
Before opening, we deep clean our tables, service areas and toilets, then at regular intervals and at the end of the day. We regularly wipe down all tables and benches; before and after each order our staff will wipe down their service area on the bar; our toilets will be wiped down regularly. Sanistiser and hand washing stations will be available throughout the venue.

What is the toilet situation?
Our toilets are located on the ground floor, past the bar. Some cubicles will be unavailable for use as we will be doing our best to keep distance between them, but we expect demand to be staggered enough to ensure limited queuing. Please follow all instructions on signage and floor markings throughout the venue, and respond to our staff if they are giving directions.

How are the patio and bar areas laid out?

You enter via the Goldsmith Street gates (opposite NTU), then as you come onto the patio we have tables on either side of the patio. We also have four tables on our back patio. Our bar has tables for use with screens between them and a one way system throughout. Our venue tables are all positioned in a socially distant manner.

Am I able to move around the venue freely?
You are able to go to the toilet, ensuring you are keeping socially distant at least 2m away from the next person, wearing a face covering and following all signage and instructions. Other than that, you must remain at your table and ask a member of staff if you require assistance. When you leave, you will exit via the Goldsmith Steet gate.

Do I have to wear a face covering?
We require face coverings to be worn when arriving at the venue and when moving around, but not when sat at your table. We recommend bringing your own, but if you do forget, we can provide a disposable one.

Will I have easy access to hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities?
There will be hand sanitising stations at the entrance, exit and handwashing facilities in the toilets, naturally. We suggest bringing along a small bottle of sanitiser for use at your table, if you wish.

Will your staff be wearing PPE?
Our staff will be wearing face masks or shields. They will deliver all drinks orders on a tray, then sanitise the tray. Bar staff will be instructed to wash their hand before their shifts and then every 20 mins to the NHS specifications and sanitise between building each order.

How will social distancing and safe customer behaviour be enforced?
We will have friendly security in PPE present during all sessions who will simply be there to keep an eye on things and ensure the safety of all staff and customers. Should there be any repeated contravention of our guidelines or government guidance, they can be reported to staff or security and those people will be asked to leave without refund and blacklisted from the venue.

How will you comply with the latest government guidance?
As you will have read above, we are complying with current government guidance around social distancing, PPE and cleanliness etc. We will continue to update our processes and procedures as the government update their guidance and rules for licensed premises, and be in contact with any updates via email in advance your booking and keep these FAQs updated.