Please note our Nothing But Thieves gig is now being RESCHEDULED - a new date is to be announced soon.

News from the band:

"Dear NBT fans,

Nothing is more important to this band than you. Without your support, we wouldn't get to do what we love day in and day out. We have been looking forward to our headlining tour for months and were honestly blown away by the response, so thank you.

Two days ago we got a call from Muse's team offering us dates on their tour. As I'm sure you know, this is absolutely huge for a band in our position. However, when we saw the dates conflicted with our headline tour, we were obviously torn - rescheduling dates is not something we enjoy doing. We spent ages discussing what to do amongst ourselves, with our management, booking agent, and RCA.

We worked out that we can reschedule most of the headline dates that clash with Muse within a couple of weeks (end of March, mid April) which would mean we could do both tours around the same time. It's not ideal, but it's the best we could do. (We asked Muse to move their entire arena tour for us but sadly they declined. Bit rude!)

So we're writing to say we're really sorry if this is a pain for you. At the end of the day, it's a one-time opportunity that we just couldn't walk away from. We are going to play as many headline dates as possible that don't conflict with the Muse dates. Then, we are working on rescheduling the missed dates very quickly. Seeing as we just got this news, we don't have the dates to tell you yet, but we will get that info to you asap, hopefully as soon as Monday.

Tickets will all be refundable or honoured for the rescheduled shows. We hope you can still make it out to see us. We are working on ways to make this up to you, we won't forget that you're doing us a favour. We'll be on Twitter and Facebook as much as possible tonight to answer any questions. Thank you for understanding.

Conor, Joe, Dom, Price, Phil"

Nothing But Thieves

Submotion Orchestra - new album out today!

The excellent Submotion Orchestra have released their fourth album 'Colour Theory' today and it's a blinder. Listen to the first released track 'Kimono' here:

Very excited to have them along here on 30th April!

Tix available here.


** Dot To Dot Festival 2016 FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! **

Here's what we've been waiting for... check this out. First wave of ‪#‎D2DFest‬ 2016 acts have now been announced!!!

"Previous Winner of ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards, Dot To Dot Festival is established as the UK’s premier festival for showcasing the most exciting emerging artists, alongside established acts from all over the globe. Dot To Dot returns to Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham this May."


On 3rd March we welcome the UK's rap & hip-hop goddess Lady Leshurr.

Her tour is selling out and she's lighting up both here and over in the US, especially in NYC: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/salvatore-bono/lady-leshurr-debuts-her-q_b_9191244.html

Make sure you get tickets to see her take to our stage before she blows up stateside:


leshurr so


We're ridiculously excited to welcome Chk Chk Chk here on 13th Feb, and even more so now that we've heard they'll be supporting themselves as their new Stereolab tribute band... STEREOLAD!

Here's the word from the band:

Hey, we’re really excited to announce the debut tour of our side project band, STEREOLAD, who will be opening for us on our U.S. tour. As one might guess, we are a Stereolab tribute band and will be performing some of our favorite songs by them. Why? Just for a kicks, for a laugh, just cuz we want to. Same reasons we’ve been !!! all along. But seriously, we like a challenge, it seemed like a fun way to press our boundaries, we like to play, it was cheaper than hiring the real Stereolab to open for us and I look fantastic in a dress. So there. That seems like enough good reasons, no? Stereolab were one of the few bright spots for us in the droll hatemyselfeverythingsuxanyways attitude of 90′s guitar bands. Their minimalism and drone techniques actually had a great influence on the way we approached the funk when we first started, so it seems fitting to pay tribute to them. If ur not a fan, maybe u will be after the show. If u know someone who is not a fan of us, maybe they’ll like Stereolad better. Maybe we’ll blow our own selves off the stage some nights. Maybeeeee, anything can happen. So come on down or something. Or don’t. Just stay home and imagine what u think it might sound like. Not really a good way to live but u do u, and we’ll do Stereolad.

Also along for the ride will be excellent Nottingham band I Am Lono:

I AM LONO are Matthew Cooper & David Startin from Nottingham. Influenced by John Carpenter, The Doors, David Bowie, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson and David Lynch, I AM LONO produce claustrophobic, pounding, paranoid pop music gold.

Get tickets here.