What the HECK

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Excellent news today!!

We're honoured to say that incredible Nottingham band HECK will be here on March 11th for a special gig to celebrate the launch of their debut full-length album 'INTRODUCTIONS'. Expect a ruckus and an insane live show as that's their speciality...

Make sure you get tickets ASAP as they will go, especially as they're only £5 - http://www.alt-tickets.co.uk/heck-rescue-rooms-2016-03-11-18-30





Music fans! On the hunt for some new tunes? Fancy sampling the excellent array of artists we have coming up? Why not check out our 'upcoming gigs' playlist on Spotify?

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Booze news, we're now going to be stocking Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale instead of Crystal Rye IPA as we fancied a change!

Fun facts:

Adnams is a brewery based in Suffolk, this pale ale is made with Mosaic hops from the USA, and it has peach, lemon, mango & pine aromas!

Come get 'em.


Minus The Bear chat to Bands In Town

The incredible Minus The Bear are here on the 27th of this month as part of the 10 Year Anniversary Tour of their phenomenal album 'Menos El Oso', and the guys have had a great chat to Bands In Town in the lead up to hitting the road, check it out at: http://news.bandsintown.com/view-article/2015/12/22/exclusive-interview-minus-the-bear

And you can get more info & tickets here.

Here's the awesome track 'Pachuca Sunrise' to keep you going until the 27th:





A sad day for music, a great day for everyone in heaven who will now be joined by a true original.

"There's a starman waiting in the sky..."


David Bowie