The Rescue Rooms archives: 2012

Boots Electric, Boots Electric live at The Rescue Rooms

  • Tuesday 13th March 2012
  • Supported by: Eyes on Film




Following the release of his debut solo album Honkey Kong and first single Complexity Jesse and his band are ready to hit venues across the UK and bring their feel good dance inducing electro-rock and roll to the throbbing masses.

As Time-Out Magazine recently put it at the London album launch show – 'it's time to tuck your tongue into your cheek and lock up your daughters as Jesse Hughes is coming to town as Boots Electric'.

Hughes didn't simply become Boots Electric for Honkey Kong; he's been Boots for a very long time. The very first rumblings of Honkey Kong actually date back to the 1998 Desert Sessions when the plan for his other band Eagles of Death Metal was also consequentially hatched. However, his EODM partner-in-crime Joshua Homme told Hughes he would only become "Boots Electric" the day he stopped "fruit-booting" around on roller blades and learned to dance.  That day has come.

Hughes explains, "Honkey Kong really started when Joshua took me to the studio to make EODM's first album, Peace Love and Death Metal. I became a student and disciple of this wonderful thing we call show business, and Honkey Kong is my final exam."

With arms aloft sing-a-long choruses and dirty funk laden hooks a plenty, Boots Electric's live show can now draw on material from three storming Eagles of Death Metal albums plus Honkey Kong and promises to be one hell of a party.