The Rescue Rooms archives: 2014

Madball, Madball Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Tuesday 30th September 2014
  • Supported by: Breaking Point; Coldburn; King Of Pigs




Ask any two people to describe what Hardcore is all about, especially in 2014, and the volume of responses will blow your head clear off of your shoulders. Neither Ian MacKaye; nor Mike Muir, nor any member of the BAD BRAINS would even want to try to explain it. This scene of ours is misunderstood to the nth degree, and all too often, the wrong party is left trying to school the uninitiated as to its characteristics. Attempting to put New York Hardcore into its proper context may be even tougher. Regardless, most will agree that the NYHC sound - the one most often associated with its scene - begins with AGNOSTIC FRONT, and if you don’t already know the kinship between MADBALL and AF, you should probably do the knowledge.

It is no coincidence that many of the qualities universally agreed upon when it comes to HC, happen to be the very same traits possessed by MADBALL. Present day MB carries with it the same rage and rebellion that it always has, but there’s something to be said about remaining relevant, when many bands of the same semi-advanced age have been relegated to dinosaur status. The blood, the honor and the truth lives on through the band to this day, and MADBALL dares to embrace the responsibility of carrying on tradition - the rich NYHC tradition that is understood by few, and imitated by many. MB is one of the few bands representing this thing called Hardcore with enough triumphs, tests and overall experience under its belt, to be qualified leaders. They let you know with tremendous pride that eventually, people grow up, but that doesn’t mean you should ever abandon the fundamentals of the movement. See your way into it honestly, productively and respectfully, and you might find yourself as a welcome member of the greatest extended family in music.

A vital element, particularly for THIS band, is lyrics. If you truly desire to know what THIS band is all about, read the fucking lyrics. There’s no mistaking their message, or their bluntness. The internet has made this primary, yet crucial aspect of MADBALL unnecessarily fuzzy, with rumors and tall-tales galore. Rather than suggest to you where »Hardcore Lives« the album comes from, and where MADBALL is coming from with this uncompromising; dare it be said, “adventurous” ninth album, Freddy Cricien lays it all out - plain and simple - so there’s no error to be made when it comes to what it all means.

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Please note this is a 14+ event.