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The Loveable Rogues 'This And That' Tour, The Loveable Rogues 'This And That' Tour Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Thursday 6th November 2014
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Meet Eddie, Sonny and Té - three talented boys who shot to fame with their "original, fun and organic" songs on ITV1's Britain's Got Talent 2012.

Here is the story of how Eddie, Sonny and Té fought their way to showcase their own talents on one of the biggest TV shows in Britain, had a spell signed to one of the most prestigious record labels in the world, and are set to release their debut album under their own label ... in their own words:

The Loveable Rogues story

Despite starting off their music careers in very different ways, Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay and Té Eugene Qhairo have always had one thing in common - they knew they wanted to sing from a young age.

"It really started while I was in college," explains Eddie, 21. "I was playing open mic' nights on the side but it wasn't enough to get where I wanted to be as a singer. Then a friend announced she was leaving to go to a music college called Colins Performing Arts (CPA) Studios in Essex. So without even telling my parents, I went for an audition there." Joining CPA Studios changed everything for Eddie. While getting to know everyone at the start of the autumn term, Eddie met Sonny - a ukulele-playing young lad who had a strong stage background. They became friends. Sonny, 19, laughs, "I was five years old when I first started stage school. I knew from the start this is what I wanted to do. I almost didn't go to college because I got accepted into sixth form. It was rather that or go work for my dad who is a panel beater but I chose College instead!"

Two weeks into the new term at college, a new (and loud) character appeared. "I had a bit of different childhood to these two," pipes up Té, also 19. "I'd loved singing for as long as I could remember. So when I was 12, I signed up to a youth club called Urban Development which encourages young people to sing together. "It was there I met [Platinum-selling artist] Labrinth and his sister Cherelle. They were both a part of the Urban Development course - as were people like Ed Sheeran and Plan B when they were starting out. When I had to go back to my sixth form in the autumn, I lasted just two weeks. Instead, I left school and called every musical college I could find, trying to get an audition - eventually I found the right college.

As the boys got to know each other, it didn't take them long to realise they all had the same goals - to be successful music artists; respected for writing their own music. "By now, I had entered a singing competition in London and realised I needed to produce something huge to win," explains Eddie. "Eddie had written this track called Lovesick and played it to us," explains Sonny. "It meant skipping lessons to practise and one day we got caught by a particularly scary teacher. But she liked what we were singing and told us to perfect it and perform it to her at the end of the day! We couldn't believe it.

" Eddie continues, "We travelled to London to perform Lovesick at the competition and we ended up winning. We had so many people say to us that day that we should be a band, and when we met a talent manager who said he wanted to work with us, we realised we worked really well together".

After winning their first competition as a group, the boys individually came to the decision to leave college and put their efforts into their music. They were now called the Loveable Rogues (because "I was out one night and a girl called me a loveable rogue. I called the boys up and said, 'What do you think?'" giggles Eddie).

And so their careers began. Videos were made, more songs were written. Soon, they were put in touch with the researchers behind Britain's Got Talent.

"When the researchers saw our videos, they asked us to come in and audition for the judges," Eddie explains. "We couldn't believe it!"

When the Loveable Rogues were first contacted by the BGT team and asked to audition for the 2012 series, they politely declined... eight separate times.

"We were so flattered they'd asked us, but we didn't want to take anything away from our hard work," explains Té. "We did our own stuff and we worried about how a television talent show would portray us. But as soon as we decided we weren't doing it, all of us seemed to backtrack and change our minds. So we rang them back up and said, 'We'll do it'."

"We got to know the crew so well throughout the show," recalls Eddie. Té continues, "But it was Alesha Dixon who spent the most time with us. She was always wandering around backstage talking to everyone. She told us to always work hard and not take things for granted." "And we didn't, we didn't expect to come fourth at all," grins Sonny. "All we wanted to do was get to that final. As long as we did that, we would have been happy.

Upon leaving the show, the band were signed to Simon Cowell’s ‘Syco Entertainment’ label, part of Sony Music and released a brand new track ‘What a Night’ which entered the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart.

Just under a year later, the band have left Syco and are releasing material under their own steam. The Honest EP, released at the start of May 2014, entered the iTunes charts at #6 and was a clear indication that there is still huge interest in them and their music. With an album set for release in July as well, the band is booked for a host of summer shows and events.

Eddie, Sonny and Té have proven how passion, determination and hard work can pay off - and there's no denying, these boys are pretty loveable. We challenge you not to adore them after checking this lot out...

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