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Vega, Vega Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 4th April 2015
  • Supported by: TBC




VEGA formed in the summer of 2009 and released their debut album “Kiss of Life” in 2010 to rave reviews across the board.

CLASSIC ROCK: “Melodic rock kings in waiting…”

MELODICROCK.COM: “One of the best debuts of 2010 and of the last few years”

MALCOLM DOME: “Vega are a British melodic hard rock band who stand apart from most in this vein, because not only do they write melodic songs, but they’ve a significant depth. Debut album Kiss Of Life shows enough talent and cohesion to suggest a big future awaits.

The guys hit the road in support of the album and the rave reviews for the live show started arriving:

CLASSIC ROCK: “VEGA won over the crowd with anthems punchier than a Croydon hen party after a crate of Bacardi Breezers”

In 2011 VEGA decided to go in search of a record company that shared their passion for trying to inject something new in to the rock genre, whilst still maintaining the 80’s/90’s roots that influenced them in the first place.

After a long search VEGA finally secured a worldwide deal with Nine Tone/UNIVERSAL RECORDS who will release their 2nd album in the autumn of 2012. Singer Nick Workman says “We wanted to write an album where every song could have been a single, so we have been spending a lot of time fine tuning the songs. We pretty much demoed each song twice before we were satisfied”. The new album will feature 13 tracks of hook laden “stadium rock songs” that deserve to be play loud enough to piss of your neighbours…………

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Please note this is a 14+ event.