The Rescue Rooms archives: 2015

OHASIS VS BLURD, The most authentic Oasis Tribute Band & the best Blur tribute band live at Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 24th October 2015
  • Supported by: TBC

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Ohasis vs Blurd

Genre Indie, rock

For Fans Of Oasis!

Hometown Midlands

Background Ohasis got together and set out with one goal……to become the worlds’ greatest tribute band to Oasis. Ohasis have done their homework, playing the songs in the most current live arrangements, with amazing accuracy. Nailing the Oasis look was very important, as image is EVERYTHING; and was everything to Oasis. We take our stage show very seriously. Ohasis meticulously re-create the visuals, music and atmosphere of a real Oasis performance. That’s why the band have heavily invested in the exact same guitars, basses and drums used live by Ohasis, which all helps to create that unmistakeable Oasis wall-of-sound.

What the press says "The band played a punk-influenced form of power rock, which often had an anthemic feel”. 

What Rescue Rooms says “Dead excited to have the best Oasis tribute band IN THE WORLD on our stage"

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Blur tribute band Blurd have been performing across the UK since 2006. Over the years Blurd have been thrilling audiences all over the Europe at countless clubs, parties, and festivals and continue to be the most authentic and in-demand Blur tribute band with reviews such as: “There are tribute bands that do it. And there are tribute bands that LIVE it too! Blurd have studied the detail of their heroes to such a degree that they have started morphing into them.

The hair, clothes, instruments, mannerisms and, most importantly, the sound are all spot on. Britpop at its classiest...

Their repertoire covers everything from the early singles such as the haunting ‘She’s So High’ and breakthrough ‘There’s No Other Way’, through the undeniable BritPop peak of ‘Country House’, ‘Girls & Boys’ and ‘Parklife’, to the majestic singalong ‘Tender’. After doing a double-take, at the end of the night people always leave with a smile on their face, a tune stuck in their head and blisters on their feet!

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Come along and enjoy a special night of Britpop with these two great bands paying tribute to OASIS & BLUR!