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BLOOD YOUTH / TRASH BOAT (CO-HEADLINE IN THE RED ROOM), Blood youth & Trash boat co-headline live in the red room

  • Saturday 18th July 2015
  • Supported by: TBC

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blood youth notts


Background: Previously known as Lincoln-based hardcore band Climates, new vocalist Kaya brings a whole new energy and dynamic to the band, and thus they have been reborn as Blood Youth.

From the band:

"When we first found our new member and frontman, Kaya Tarsus, the original plan was to dust ourselves off, and carry on as Climates. But the combination of Kaya’s style as a vocalist with the energy of the new material we’ve been writing made it feel like we were a different band. We have felt re-invigorated and closer to the kind of band we’d always wanted to be, so it just didn’t make sense anymore for us to carry on as we were before.

We have been hard at work on new material and we have now completed 5 new songs, which we honestly feel is some of the best music we have ever created together, and we are all very excited about the songs, the future and what Kaya is bringing to the table.

Some of you will have already seen Kaya in action on the shows we played with Vanna at the end of 2014, so we hope you’ll all agree that we’ve found the right man for the job."

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From Kerrang:

The St. Albans gang – who got their name from an episode of Regular Show – join fellow Brit pop-punks Neck Deep and ROAM on the label, and have released a new song/video to coincide with the news. Nice. Check out Perspective below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

“We’re so excited to announce that we have signed with Hopeless Records,” the band say. “We’re so thankful that a label like them have taken a chance on us and given us the biggest opportunity any band could ever ask for. Here’s to the future, let’s see what it holds!”

Trash Boat will be dropping their new EP, Brainwork, on May 18. Pre-order the release now on iTunes, or grab it on vinyl here.

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