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  • Monday 18th January 2016
  • Supported by: New Years Day + Silent Screams



Genre: Metal

Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Background: While their hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania is mostly known in popular culture for being perfectly mundane, gothic metalcore band Motionless in White make music that's anything but tame. Blending the raw fury of metalcore with the dramatic atmospherics of goth-metal and industrial, the band has cultivated a dark and moody sound that owes as much to Type O Negative as it does to Slayer. Formed in 2005 while members Chris Cerulli (vocals), Angelo Parente (drums), Mike Costanza (guitar), and Frank Polumbo (bass) were still in high school, they eventually become a quintet after the addition of keyboard player Joshua Balz in 2007, the same year the band would release their debut EP. -

What the press says: "Motionless In White’s third album makes good on frontman Chris Motionless’ desire to take his band in places he felt they needed to go—as opposed to places where the band’s fans wanted them to stay. Sonically diverse and diamond-hard, Reincarnate takes seemingly disparate elements to create a soundtrack for metalheads, gothic beauties and industrial rivetheads to immerse themselves. Guitarists Ricky Horror and Ryan Sitkowski never fail to deliver riffage that will open up pits, while synth op Josh Balz creates inspired electronic vistas that peak all the meters measuring the band’s intensity quotient. Cradle Of Filth mouthpiece Dani Filth shows up for the goth/death/thrash purgatory of “Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale),” which owes as much to black-metal mavericks Anaal Nathrakh as it does AFI. Former MIW producer/KMFDM member Tim Skold brings his vision to the punishing “Final Dictvm,” offering migraine beats and electronic noise to the band’s dance-metal thumping, thereby burning down the world’s EDM straw men. Motionless pushes himself to reach dynamic heights as a vocalist throughout the proceedings, navigating come-sip-the-broth-of-Hades growling, stentorian melodies (“Unstoppable”), dark romance (“Contemptress,” featuring In This Moment’s Maria Brink) and Marilyn Manson-styled narratives (“Everybody Sells Cocaine,” “Dead As Fuck”); sometimes he crams all these attributes in one song (the closing “Carry The Torch”), and the result leaves your shattered jaw on the bloody sidewalk." -

What Rescue Rooms Says: "Finally! We've waited long enough"

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Please note this is a 14+ show.


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