The Rescue Rooms archives: 2015

Half Moon Run, live at Rescue Rooms

  • Sunday 1st November 2015
  • Supported by: Emilie & Ogden

Half Moon Run

Genre: Indie Rock

Hometown: Montreal

About: Perhaps it’s telling that Dark Eyes was focused on exploring darkness. They were really still teenagers back then, trying to find their tone, trying to find truth and beauty in what they do. They didn’t just succeed, they created a precedent for what beauty sounds like for them as a collective. On their new album 'Sun Leads Me On' they’ve found what they’re looking for: liberation of ideas as they delve deeper into music as a source of lucidity. “I’ve totally come to peace with what Sun Leads Me On is and I’m completely happy with it” says Isaac. He may have said it retrospectively, but there’s a sense they’ve always been at peace with the record they were making. Despite the fraught initial stages of Sun Leads Me On, it’s clear that whatever guided them on to its fruition has always been there, shining, ready to guide them should they determine to break out of the darkness. Perhaps the old cliché about difficult second albums is true for a lot of bands, but then perhaps the creative forces driving most second albums are unnatural, external and frustrating. Half Moon Run don’t feel pressured by anyone else’s standards of them, only their own.

Sun Leads Me On was recorded at the historic and idyllic Bathhouse Studios in Kingston Ontario, with acclaimed producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkey, Adele, Ladytron, Kasabian). The album will be released on October 23rd by Indica Records.

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Please note this is a 14+ show.