The Rescue Rooms archives: 2016

!!! (CHK CHK CHK), Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 13th February 2016
  • Supported by: Stereolad + I Am Lono

Genre: Dance punk

About: Chk Chk Chk began in Sacramento, California after Black Liquorice and Popesmashers toured together with The Yah Mos joining them later. They named themselves after the unusual subtitles on the film 'The Gods Must Be Crazy', in which a language featuring a clicking noise was represented as '!!!'.

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Hey, we’re really excited to announce the debut tour of our side project band, STEREOLAD, who will be opening for us on our U.S. tour. As one might guess, we are a Stereolab tribute band and will be performing some of our favorite songs by them. Why? Just for a kicks, for a laugh, just cuz we want to. Same reasons we’ve been !!! all along. But seriously, we like a challenge, it seemed like a fun way to press our boundaries, we like to play, it was cheaper than hiring the real Stereolab to open for us and I look fantastic in a dress. So there. That seems like enough good reasons, no? Stereolab were one of the few bright spots for us in the droll hatemyselfeverythingsuxanyways attitude of 90′s guitar bands. Their minimalism and drone techniques actually had a great influence on the way we approached the funk when we first started, so it seems fitting to pay tribute to them. If ur not a fan, maybe u will be after the show. If u know someone who is not a fan of us, maybe they’ll like Stereolad better. Maybe we’ll blow our own selves off the stage some nights. Maybeeeee, anything can happen. So come on down or something. Or don’t. Just stay home and imagine what u think it might sound like. Not really a good way to live but u do u, and we’ll do Stereolad.




I AM LONO are Matthew Cooper & David Startin from Nottingham. Influenced by John Carpenter, The Doors, David Bowie, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson and David Lynch, I AM LONO produce claustrophobic, pounding, paranoid pop music gold.

 This is a 14+ show.