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  • Tuesday 17th May 2016
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Joy Formidable Poster

Genre: Alt rock, shoegaze


‘To me, being cool is not about pretending, not worrying about fitting in. As a band we are not going to change ourselves for anyone. All our favourite artists are and were unique , they led the pack, they didn't try to follow. Music is a discourse, and we want to challenge people to get involved and invest, to react and feel. We want to be a catalyst.’

Given that the story of The Joy Formidable to date has been written as much on the road as off it, it is little surprise that the trio see their music as unbounded by geography. Note the internationalism of the influences on the album and the cast involved in its creation and you can see a band that are defined by their art and open to inspiration regardless of its locale. It is fitting, then, that the first steps of ‘Wolf’s Law’ will be taken in festival fields across the globe, with the band paying their first visit to the UK in August of 2012 at The Reading and Leeds Festival, no doubt to be that catalyst for the first of many UK audiences over the coming year.

As for the years to come, the band are currently on the high of achieving exactly what they set out to do with ‘Wolf’s Law’. Ritzy (rightly) notes that ‘what is expected of a guitar band can be very boring these days’, The Joy Formidable are happy to retain that tag while at the same time thinking even bigger for the future as Rhydian concludes: ‘We want to expand the sound, to always move forward, to experiment more with composition and writing both for The Joy Formidable albums and other projects but we also want to challenge ourselves to find new ways all the time. To keep the sense that everything is possible.’

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Please note this is a 14+ show.