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  • Saturday 25th June 2016
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MartyrLoserKing has just tagged his screen name onto the White House lawn via
remote drone. He’s working from a remote e-waste camp in Burundi, Central
Africa, neighboring the more well-known Rwanda, with equipment scrapped
together from our old Dell PC towers and Sidekick IIs. Homeland Security, the
NSA, and the CIA are tracing his signal back to a place that isn’t on the map or
on the grid, and the alert level rises when he hacks NASA just to show he can do
At least, that’s what Saul Williams will tell you when you ask about his upcoming
album and the story it’s inspired. Written and recorded between Senegal,
Reunion Island, Paris, Haiti, and New Orleans and New York, Martyr Loser King
is a multimedia project that engages the digital dialogue between the 1st and 3rd
Worlds, and the global street sounds that yoke the two. “In Senegal, I was buying
iPhones for $20, Beats for $10, because they get all the influx from China, with
no regulation,” Williams explains. “So everyone’s online. Everyone’s high tech.”
He sights Beyoncé, Fredo Santana, and Haitian field recordings as musical
inspirations for his self-produced 6th album, straining trap hi-hats and mbira
strokes together for a nuanced, entirely original sound. “I’m just letting you know
what I’m reading and seeing while I’m writing. When I’m writing, the music leads.”

Williams has been breaking ground since his debut album, Amethyst Rock Star,
was released in 2001 and executive produced by Rick Rubin. After gaining global
fame for his poetry and writings at the turn of the century, Williams has
performed in over 30 countries and read in over 300 universities, with invitations
that have spanned from the White House, the Sydney Opera House, Lincoln
Center, The Louvre, The Getty Center, Queen Elizabeth Hall, to countless,
villages, townships, community centers, and prisons across the world. The
Newburgh, New York native gained a BA from Morehouse and an MFA from
Tisch, and has gone on to record with Nine Inch Nails and Allen Ginsburg, as
well as countless film and television appearances.
The announcement of MartyrLoserKing follows a new world tour and to-be-
announced collaborations with several artists, producers and writers. It’s slated
for release this summer 2015.

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