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  • Wednesday 19th October 2016
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2016 Allah Las Poster

Band to Play Live Shows Ahead of Release in North America, Europe and UK – including a date at London’s Oslo on July 14 - & Reveal First New Album Track “Famous Phone Figure”
“They consistently deliver impressive performances; their harmonies, guitars,
and percussion are all point-perfect.”—Pitchfork
“Cramming as much guts and passion as possible into three and a half minutes or
less - while burning it’s own path, with brooding, lonesome songs, tightly restrained
surf inflected musings on girls and freedom”—The New Yorker

Los Angeles quartet Allah-Las announce the release of their third album Calico Review, and first on Mexican Summer, on September 9th, 2016. To mark the announcement, Allah-Las are revealing their first new album track and video, directed by Robbie Simon, for “Famous Phone Figure”, watch the video HERE. The song cradles character sketches over delicate strains of string instruments with a careful underlining of a three-note drumming theme that casts a phantom sadness over the proceedings of an unknowable woman. It’s a prime example of how the Allah-Las so master exerting a touch both light and steady enough to bring your mood to where theirs resides.

Following two well-received albums (2012’s self-titled debut and 2014’s Worship the Sun), Allah-Las have found a new home with Mexican Summer. Their third full-length Calico Review summarizes and grows upon the lessons learned by the group thus far, and marks their most diverse work to date. The album was recorded in LA’s historic Valentine Recording Studio, which had lain dormant since 1979. The studio’s reopening in July 2015 allowed the band to use historic recording equipment including a 1964 Universal Audio 610 soundboard, the same board on which The Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds. For Calico Review, Allah-Las experiment with new instrumentation adding viola, harpsichord, Mellotron, theremin to their sound. Where the Allah-Las display their wisdom, and what really shines across the 12 songs that comprise Calico Review, is the way that the group has pivoted from specific influences and nods to the music they love, to crafting the feelings of freedom, grit, and melancholy in their music.

Allah-Las is composed of Pedrum Siadatian (vocals/lead guitar), Miles Michaud (vocals/rhythm guitar), Matthew Correia (vocals/drum), and Spencer Dunham (vocals/bass). The band was formed in 2008 while three of the members were working at the legendary Amoeba Music record store. “We were all music fans before we were musicians,” says Correia. “We’ve spent a lot of time listening to music, and understanding what works for us and what doesn’t.”