The Rescue Rooms archives: 2017

TOM CLARKE (The Enemy - Acoustic), Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 17th June 2017
  • Supported by: Joe Dolman

2017 tom clarke poster


"We'll Live & Die In These Towns, 10 year anniversary, un-plugged.

When We'll Live & Die In These Towns was first released in June 2007 I couldn't have imagined the love that people would have for it. Over the years it's been obvious that for many it's the defining Enemy album. It would be wrong then to let its tenth anniversary pass without so much as a nod to its importance. That's why I'm inviting fans to some very intimate shows to celebrate the songs from the debut, stripped back to their bare essentials and played acoustically.

The idea is to play all of the songs from that first record as they were written acoustically, in an up close and personal environment with the people who love them, as well as playing a few tracks which The Enemy never really performed live because they didn't fit into the electric sets. These shows will be tiny, so tickets will be extremely limited.

There won't be another ten year anniversary of We'll Live & Die In These Towns and it's an album that means the world to me so to go out and play the songs unplugged as they were originally written, feels like the right way to put them to bed. I hope you'll come along and sing them with me.

Tickets go on-sale Friday at 9am through, O2 priority on sale now.

There have been a LOT of people asking about a solo record on the run up to this announcement. I'm writing songs everyday, as I always have, whether I'm ready to turn that into a record and engage with the music industry again I'm really not sure yet, but for now lets just say you never know!...

- Tom"