The Rescue Rooms archives: 2017

VICKY SPEEDBOAT, Live In Rescue Rooms Red Room

  • Monday 1st May 2017
  • Supported by: Little Bribes

2017 vicky speedboat poster


It was 2am in Newport, Wales when the grim phone call finally got through. Will was behind the bar pulling pints of Spanish lager as Sean got word from a stateside relative. Evidence of tragedy was palpable in the air, contrasting starkly with the inebriatedjubilance that filled the dimly lit basement pub. It was in that moment that Vicky Speedboat was born.

Vicky Speedboat, the two-piece punk rock outfit from Philadelphia, is the drunken creative brainchild of Sean Huber (Modern Baseball, Steady Hands) and Will Lindsay (W. C. Lindsay, Steady Hands). Their songs are allegories of the road, tales of restlessness and staying on the run. Bathed in feedback, contrasts of intoxicating glee and gut wrenching loss span their debut EP Two Years No Basement. The EP was written across the map and recorded in 2015 at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, MA by Steve Aliperta and Chris LaRoque (The Color and Sound).

The band’s sound, reminiscent of a bygone era, is defined by their high-energy aggressivepunk instrumentation mixed seamlessly with their character driven lyricism. Lindsay provides loud, harshly distorted but melodic guitars, fitting seamlessly with the bombastic and aggressive drumming of Huber. Both members act as vocalists and story-tellers.

Listen to “Two Years No Basement” now, then join the boys for a drink at your local bar.