The Rescue Rooms archives: 2017

SLAMBOREE, Live In Rescue Rooms

  • Friday 27th October 2017
  • Supported by: WBBL

2017 slamboree poster

Slamboree come to Rescue Rooms in October with special guests WBBL!

SLAMBOREE: Recently described as a mash up of Basement Jaxx and The Rocky Horror Picture Show performing at The Moulin Rouge, Slamboree are a one-of-a-kind ensemble who present a show that is unique to every performance. Led by award-winning producer Mike Freear, Slamboree features up to 15 multi-skilled theatrical performers and musicians creating an extravagant and immersive audio visual experience. Brought together by synths and electronic beats created by Mike and powerhouse vocals from Kathika Rabbit, Slamboree effortlessly combine electronic dance music with live instruments and a stage show that will have your jaw on the floor...

WBBL: Some say he was brought up on a diet of misunderstood Flamenco music, Speed Garage and Jazz double-bass lines, others say he is the first true star to come from the Ghetto Funk scene. Hailing from the Southwest UK, WBBL serves up a fresh blend of home-grown funk, glitch and electro beats fused with the wobbliest hi-grade basslines known to mankind. Each show WBBL plays is an organic and unique experience. He performs using an array of controllers and samplers to recreate and reimagine his music by constructing and deconstructing everything as he goes. He manipulates all his own classic tracks and remixes to give them a unique new flavour, whilst also showcasing the freshest new beats of today