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CLOUDBUSTING - The Kate Bush Tribute, Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Friday 6th April 2018
  • Supported by: TBC

2018 cloudbusting

Formed back in 2012, well before any suggestion that Kate was ever going to perform live again, Cloudbusting's mission was, and still is, to bring Kate Bush's music to the live stage.

Cloudbusting are 5 musicians from the UK, dedicated to performing this incomparable music with no hint of pastiche or impersonation. There is, and only ever can be, one Kate.

We perform the music as faithfully to the original as possible, aiming to bring perhaps the less obvious of Kate's songs to the live stage - some of which have never been heard played live before.

Cloudbusting's show now features interactive videos; some by our own videographer and some given to us by Kate fans across the world, our aim is to transport you to another place and time.

Cloudbusting perform at theatres and live music venues all across the UK so be may near YOU soon.

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