The Rescue Rooms archives: 2018

LACEY, Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 4th August 2018
  • Supported by: Cut The Heroics + For The Girl

We've been together since we were kids. Here's what people say:

“It’s incredible to think that Nottingham quartet Lacey don’t have a record label to call home – yet. Such is the polished sound and wall-to-wall hooks throughout Under The Brightest Lights, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was the third or fourth album from a band that finds familiarity in the Top 10 of the charts. 9/10”. GIGWISE: ALBUM REVIEW“

“The four-piece deliver huge, free-falling choruses and delicate melancholy while injecting these songs full of heartfelt intent”. ROCK SOUND MAGAZINE. EP REVIEW

“As compelling a record as their album is, Lacey’s four members have already shifted their full attention to I Don’t Owe The World A Thing. It’s easy to hear why – its five emotive, anthemic songs are full of power and passion, heart and soul and could easily fill large arenas”. TEAM ROCK. EP FEATURE

Nottingham’s Lacey (KKKK) rise to the challenge, combining memory-tugging hooks and choppy guitars, they bring some of Taking Back Sunday’s cut and thrust to the stage”. KERRANG! MAGAZINE: LIVE REVIEW. STEVE BEEBEE“

If huge sing-along choruses & pop-rock hits-in-waiting are you thing then you need this album in your life. 8/10” BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE. ALBUM REVIEW




“Breezy, radio-friendly thrills that you’d want for a summer drive. It’ll be interesting to see where Lacey go next.” KERRANG! MAGAZINE: ALBUM REVIEW

“Lacey carve a vigorous, assured shape. It’s steeped in backwards glances to a time of pop-punk simplicity but cut with a sense of purposeful direction, it feels fresh.” UPSET MAGAZINE. EP REVIEW

“We’d encourage you to check out Lacey sooner rather than later, as they’re fast becoming one of the strongest acts in the British scene”. BRING THE NOISE. EP REVIEW“

The Nottingham post-emo rockers pull a sizeable crowd, especially considering how early they’re on tonight - and the reaction they inspire is testament to their beckon-ing greatness. They roar through triumphant outings of ‘Hoax’ and ‘Contender’ before there’s absolutely no doubt that the masses in The Roundhouse are utterly in their possession. Wherever they go next, you know you want to go with them”. GIGWISE. LIVE REVIEW

“The crowd tonight is a mixture of ardent local supporters and reviewers, eager to catch a glimpse of the band at fledgling level because, with a bit of luck, their nebula could explode anytime soon. They certainly have the tunes. They’re cut from the same cloth as melodic hardcore acts like Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco, but they have more power and precision than those two bands put together. They have a prowess; a stage presence that belies their comparatively small existence. There’s electricity in the air, and it’s frazzling the senses as the band strain every sinew, sharing vocal duties and creating a layered tapestry of modern rock” THE METRO: LIVE REVIEW. PHIL VILES“

Lacey are arguably the best thing to come out of Nottingham since Kevin Costners’ mullet. Drawing influence from the glory days of the 2002 Long Island music scene, they mix solid guitars and driving beats with more hooks than a tackle box”. FRONT MAGAZINE FEATURE

“Lacey wasted little time in showing they are one of the most complete young pop-rock bands around. New single ‘Tonight’, ‘Contender’ and ‘Change The Story’ all showed of the band’s slickness and killer ability to smash out big bouncy presence filled choruses. Frontman Graz Turner oozed an effortless charisma and belted out his vocals with aplomb and enough power to make his delivery as big as the hooks he was doing battle with. ★★★★” ALREADY HEARD: LIVE REVIEW