Live At Rescue Rooms

  • Thursday 14th October 2021
  • Supported by: TBC
  • Doors open: at 6:30pm
  • * Sorry, this event has been cancelled

Please note this show has now been cancelled, we have a statement below. Refunds available from your point of purchase.

 2020 steve mason king biscuit time


I just wanted to explain why the King Biscuit Time tour has been cancelled ( after about 3 reschedules! ) because it’s not a decision any artist takes lightly. The tour was originally planned to celebrate the re-release of the King Biscuit Time album Black Gold, and also to buy me a little time before jumping into writing my next album. When the dates were booked they gave me time to re-set and figure out exactly what I wanted to do next. I don’t enjoy looking back, let alone actually GOING back, but re-visiting King Biscuit Time felt like a good way to help me move forward.

Then COVID happened and the tour was rescheduled and then re-scheduled again for October; after struggling to write anything at all during the pandemic I finally started writing again in December last year. I now have lots of new music and my mindset has completely changed, so going back to King Biscuit Time feels wrong. I apologise for pulling these dates after re-scheduling them but I’m hoping you will understand the reasons. We should go forward, not back.

I hope you and your friends and family are doing ok and we can see each other again as soon as possible. Only the best,

Steve Mason