The Rescue Rooms archives: 2011

Herman Dune, Herman Dune at The Rescue Rooms

  • Friday 14th October 2011
  • Supported by: Sean Flinn


The prolific duo (they released their tenth record, ‘Strange Moosic’, in May) have been making music since 1999 and have befriended those within the anti-folk, funk and DIY movements. In fact, Jeffery Lewis, Julie Doiron and Kimya Dawson have been part of Herman Dune’s backing band in the past. Associating themselves with the independent scene (with bedroom labels such as Shrimper and Track & Field) allowed them to build up a network of followers and friends that were behind the band’s ethics as well as the music.

Barometer of all things good John Ravenscroft (John Peel to you and I) invited the band to no fewer than ten live sessions at the hallowed Maida Vale studios. They’ve also been specially chosen by acts such as Arcade Fire to open for them on large tours.

Herman Dune - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (official video, long version) from City Slang on Vimeo.

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