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Deicide, Deicide live at The Rescue Rooms

  • Thursday 21st March 2013
  • Supported by: Destinity; Karnak; Sweetest Devilry




Glen Benton (vocals, bass)

Steve Asheim (drums)

Kevin Quirion (guitars)

Jack Owen (guitars) (ex-Cannibal Corpse)

Known the world over as one of the founding fathers of Death Metal, Deicide stand strong to this day as one of the most influential and controversial metal bands ever. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly blasphemous lyrics Deicide helped set the standards for Death Metal long ago.... and they have maintained those standards ever since. Emerging from the Tampa, Florida metal underground, Deicide began life in 1987 under the moniker, Amon. Consisting of frontman Glen Benton on bass and vocals, brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman on guitar, and Steve Asheim on drums, Amon commanded a local cult following with their extreme brand of Satanic metal. Amon's demos caught the attention of Roadrunner Records and Roadrunner signed the band, who renamed themselves Deicide.

Roadrunner released Deicide's blistering self-titled debut in 1990. Recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Studio (the legendary studio where Deicide would go on to record all its albums), "Deicide" would one day be hailed as one of the "Top 100 Metal Albums of the 90's" by England's metal authority, Terrorizer Magazine. In 1992, Deicide followed up their debut with "Legion". "Legion" was an instant success, further establishing Deicide's furious musical instensity and vengeful anti-Christian stance, and securing Deicide's place at the forefront of the American Death Metal scene. After the success of "Legion", Roadrunner Records re-issued the Amon demos in 1993 as Ĺ’Amon: Feasting The Beast', giving new fans a glimpse of the band's rawer roots. Deicide's next studio album came in 1995 in the form of "Once Upon The Cross". As if to prove they had no intention of settling down, the band proposed an image of a disemboweled Christ for the album cover. This cover was ultimately censored but not before garnering massive publicity.

In 1997, Deicide released "Serpents of the Light", followed by a live album, "When Satan Lives", in 1998. Throughout the 90's, Deicide progressively honed their vicious musical attack, reaching new levels of brutality and precision. Deicide defined and redefined the rebellious spirit of Death Metal, and joined that very small and elite group of metal acts to sell over a million records in the process.

2000 saw the release of a new studio album, "Insineratehymn", followed by "In Torment In Hell" in 2001. The latter album marked the end of Deicide's long contract with Roadrunner. In November 2002, the band signed a new worldwide deal with Earache Records and suffered a whole new wave of controversy around the world at the expense of the dark content of their music. This was content that seeped on to the band's first record with Earache, 'Scars of the Crucifix' released in February 2004 that came overloaded with a DVD entitled 'Behind The Scars: Underneath The Skin of Deicide'. This album was a massive success and catapulted Deicide to the top of Earache's list of highest selling artists in that year.

Deicide stormed ahead into the future engulfed by waves of controversy, as their popularity continued to ferment within the scene. The 2006 release of 'The Stench of Redemption' - the first album to showcase the more melodic leads of guitarists Jack Owen (ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Ralph Santolla (ex-OBITUARY / DEATH) - only added to their riotous and enigmatic success. A download only EP was planned for the incendiary release date of 06.06.06, featuring two cuts from the album.

'The Stench of Redemption' was a massive success and received high praise from fans and the music press, with The Metal Observer calling it 'one of the best albums of the year'.

under a year later in 2008 Deicide came back for their ninth studio album 'Till Death Do Us Part'. Glen Benton, Steve Asheim (on guitars and drums) and Jack Owen were completed by the return of Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY, DEATH, ICED EARTH) as a session member for the recording.

Deicide have battled through numerous protests, accusations and line-up changes, and yet remained true to the music and their fans. Despite there problems though, Deicide are still triumphing as a band, with music and live performances that continue to draw in ecstatic reactions from their rabid fanbase.

The band were proudly signed to German giants Century Media for their blistering new album "To Hell With God" in 2011 (produced by Mark Lewis of BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CHIMAIRA). 

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Please note this is a 14+ event.