The Rescue Rooms archives: 2011

Girls, Girls live at The Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 12th November 2011
  • Supported by: Childhood

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San Franciscan indie-pop band Girls have been turning heads since their formation in 2007. With a sound that’s inspired by acts as diverse as The Zombies, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Buddy Holly and The Beach Boys.

Their debut record 'Album' received a 9.1 review on Pitchfork and was voted the 10th best album of 2009 by the publication. 

Whilst touring extensively throughout last year the band were asked to play at Jim Jarmusch’s ATP in New York alongside Vivian Girls, The Black Angels, Fucked Up and Sunn O))).

New album ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ was recorded in a makeshift studio and is due out in September, whilst new tracks ‘Vomit’ and ‘Honey Bunny’ have been made available on YouTube.

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